Pre-Order New Book by NU Adjunct Faculty – Jonathan Helmus

Jonathan Helmus

AWS Penetration Testing: Cloud security has always been treated as the highest priority by AWS while designing a robust cloud infrastructure. AWS has now extended its support to allow users and security experts to perform penetration tests on its environment. This has not only revealed a number of loopholes and brought vulnerable points in their existing system to the fore, but has also opened up opportunities for organizations to build a secure cloud environment. This book teaches you how to perform penetration tests in a controlled AWS environment.

If you are a network engineer, system administrator, or system operator looking to secure your AWS environment against external cyberattacks, then this book is for you. Ethical hackers, penetration testers, and security consultants who want to enhance their cloud security skills will also find this book useful. No prior experience in penetration testing is required; however, some understanding in cloud computing or AWS cloud is recommended. This textbook (Paperback and eBook editions both due out on Dec 9th, 2020) and Jonathan’s author page can be found here.